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A little recognition can make a world of difference!

To remain engaged and sustain peak performance at work, employees need to know their efforts are appreciated and their contributions valued. Employee recognition is an essential form of feedback that can mean the difference between a satisfied, cohesive team and a collection of disengaged individuals. 

McMaster understands the importance of the hard work and contributions of its employees and our formal awards program is just one way leaders, managers and colleagues can acknowledge and show appreciation of this work.  

Service Awards

McMaster University honours the dedication of its employees' significant service milestones each year at a Service Awards Celebration.  Staff are recognized every five years beginning at 10 years of service.  Learn more >

Quarter Century Club

25 years of service is a special achievement and thus McMaster celebrates those employees who attain this milestone at a 'Quarter Century' celebration.  Staff and Faculty who reach 25 years of service are invited to bring a guest to this evening celebration.  app cá độ bóng đáLearn more > 

President's Awards for Outstanding Service

The President's Awards for Outstanding Service provide an annual recognition for employees or groups of employees who have made an outstanding contribution to the mission of McMaster University beyond that normally expected for their position.   Learn more >

TMG Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

The TMG Peer-to-Peer Recognition program is intended to recognize TMG members who are doing outstanding work and contributing to a brighter McMaster through the demonstration and reinforcement of McMaster's core leadership capabilities.  Learn more >