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More participation and more community involvement, community beaming with PRIDE

Pride was evident in Labrador West this year. Pride Week in Labrador West went from Sunday to Sunday, with a variety of activities for all ages, and for everyone in the community. From the first event less than ten years ago, this year's events have been well-attended and supported by the community. Organizers at a final ceremony after the parade on Sunday expressed their thanks to the many who offered support, in so many ways.
At closing ceremonies co-chairs Corinna Wentzell and Pat Moran thanked the many participants, sponsors and supporters who made this year's event such a great success.
The events for the week included: story hour at the local library, a fitness session, a cafe night for younger participants, a plant night and even a drag night.
Sentiments such as, “getting the community involved is important," and "having people understand each other and accept each other is what this week hopes to promote," were heard time and time again during the week, from organizers and those who participated.
The number of participants for the events was quite a positive sign for organizers, as they spoke during the conclusion of the week.
The conclusion of Pride Week 2018 in Labrador West was a celebration of progress and accomplishment and an understanding that there has been a lot accomplished since it first started. Roads have been opened, and barriers broken down. There is an understanding that not all will agree or accept, but a hope that tolerance and understanding will prevail.
The Pride committee had amazing support this year, they told the Aurora, and it made a difference to the events they could sponsor, and the message they could send to the community.
They thanked those who showed the support that made a difference.
Organizers say they look forward to Pride 2019.

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