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If you are unable to find one of our EOHSS forms on this site please contact us at .


Please contact the Office of Legal Services for information on Use of Facilities Agreements and Volunteer Agreements.


Due Diligence Checklist

Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist

Fume Hood Pre-Work Checklist

Injury / Incident Checklist

Supervisor Checklist/Audit Form


Ergonomic Assessment Request Form

Ergonomic Poster - Custodial

Ergonomic Poster - Hospitality Services

Ergonomic Poster - Office Environment

Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist

Office Exercises


Bus Monitor Form
Bus Pickup/Dropoff Form
Event Planning/Approval Form
Event Waiver - Spectator/Cultural/Social Events/Bus Trips/Event involving Alcohol
Participatory Sporting Event Waiver
Hot Tub Checklist



Field Trips & Electives Form

Incident Reports

Automated External Defibrillator Locations

First Aid Locations - Main Campus

Injury / Incident Report   

Alternative formats available upon request by calling extention 24352 or emailing .

Injury / Incident Checklist

Investigation Protocol


JHSC Committee List

JHSC Inspection Sheet


Chemical Spill Clean-Up Guide

Designated Substances Worksheets RMM 500 appA

Hydrogen Fluoride Kit Request Form

Hydrogen Fluoride RED ALERT

Lab Coats - Laundering

Laboratory Door Information Notice  (Hazardous Description and Emergency Contacts)

Lab Safety Handbook

Laser Classification 3B and 4 Registration/Change Form




Frequently Asked Questions

Job Aid: Manager Registration

Job Aid: Manager Training Summary

Job Aid: Registration

Job Aid: Training Summary

Person of Interest Request Form


Occupational Safety

Automated External Defibrillator Locations

Electrical Safety

First Aid Locations - Main Campus

Scent-Aware Guidelines

3-D Printer Safety Information




Emergency Numbers

Emergency Procedures

MOL - Health & Safety at Work

Sharps Poster

Slips & Falls Poster

WSIB - What's In It For You

WSIB - In Case of Injury at Work



Battery Recycling

Chemical Waste Disposal Record

Chemical Waste Procedure

Disposing of Empty Glass Bottles

Lab Coats - Laundering