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This focuses in on our ability to provide speedy first aid treatment to employees who have received minor injuries.  The First Aid Regulations 1101 provide the direction to comply with this section.

First Aid Kits & Rooms will be placed around the University at a set frequency.  Both Kits and Rooms will require one individual per shift to be assigned as the official First Aid Provider for the equipment.

The University's expectation for First Aid Training is the Standard (2 Day) First Aid and CPR training.  Find the most up to date First Aid Training Schedule Here! NoteIndividuals must notify Athletics & Recreation in writing to withdraw from a First Aid course. In the event that you do not attend without providing notice, your department will be charged a fee.

Main Program

RMM #1204 First Aid Program

Supplementary Programs and Information

First Aid Kit Locations - Main Campus

1000 Incident / Injury Reporting & Investigation Program

First Aid Regulations 1101

Ontario's Good Samaritan Act 2001

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations