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Listed below are a number of example standard operating procedures (SOP) and links to standard operating procedures provided by different users from around the University community.  These are for reference, or to utilize to create your own specific operating procedures for your areas.

If you have procedures you would like to share with the University Community, then please contact .


3-D Printer Safety Information

Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Work

Ladder Standard Operating Procedures

Lock Out/Tag Out - Single Person

Lock Out/Tag Out - Group

Lock Out/Tag Out - Padlock Signoff

Department of Chemistry

Includes: Autoclave Use
              Chemical Inventory & Management
              Gas Cylinder Handling
              Hazardous Chemicals(not in RMM format)
              Ultracentrifuge, use of
              Dry Ice Crusher, Use of
              Mercury SOP 
              Organic Solvents, Use of

Faculty of Health Sciences

Violence in the Workplace Guidelines



Legal Disclaimer

The Standard Operating Procedures on this website are provided for the use of the McMaster University employee and/or student community. The procedures outlined in the above referenced document are intended to reflect best practices in this field; as such they are provided to the community for guidance and/or direction. However, these recommendations should not be construed as legal advice.