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  • Instructions for completing the Contact & Deposit Information Form


  • For information regarding your dental eligibility and coverage please view the CUPE Dental Plan website. For any dental question pelase contact CUPE at x24003 or .




The following information has been compiled to assist you in understanding your payments in the 2017/2018 Academic Year.

Office Location – Human Resources Services, Campus Services Building 202

All aspects of payments (including Income Tax receipts and address changes) are managed by this office.  Inquiries about payments should be directed to:

HR Support by Faculty:


Your HR Support

DeGroote School of Business

Melissa Maida, HR Coordinator, CSB 202, , 21531

Faculty of Engineering

Melissa Maida, HR Coordinator, CSB 202, , 21531

Faculty of Health Sciences

Alex Mangiarelli HR Coordinator, CSB202, , 24803

Faculty of Humanities

Alex Mangiarelli HR Coordinator, CSB202, , 24803

Faculty of Science

Belma Paric, HR Coordinator, CSB 202, , 24888

Faculty of Social Sciences

Alex Mangiarelli HR Coordinator, CSB202, , 24803

The full contact list is posted on our website: app cá độ bóng đá/be8/link.php?link=hrservices:hrservcent.               

The email will no longer be in use.


Biweekly Payment Schedule

For current 2018 pay dates, click here.

Deduction Information 

Taxes: The University is required by law to deduct Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Pension Premiums (CPP) on all employment income. Income Tax will be assessed on employment income only.  You should complete the Personal Tax Credit Return Forms (TD1 and TD1ON) which may lower the rate at which you are taxed.  Please return completed forms to Human Resources Services (Campus Services Building 202). Please note, scholarship, bursary and fellowship income is now exempt from tax.

CUPE: If you are receiving a Teaching Assistantship, you are a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3906, Unit 1.  Union dues (at the current rate of 2.5% of the above employment) will be deducted every pay period in each month you receive TA monies.


Payment Method 

Your biweekly payments will be deposited directly into your back account.  This method of payment is mandatory. A “Statement of Earnings” showing details of your payment, will be available in Mosaic.  Please ensure you complete your Payment Forms immediately as failure to do so may result in considerable delay in receiving your pay.

Payment Forms: 

1. Contract and Deposit Form (include VOID cheque)

2. TD1

3. TD1ON

4. SIN

5. Copy of Valid Study Permit (if applicable)


SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (SIN) – It is essential that Human Resources Services has your SIN

For Income Tax receipt purposes Human Resources Services MUST have your Social Insurance Number (SIN).  If you do not have a SIN number, please apply at:

Hamilton Mountain Service Canada Centre
1550 Upper James Street
Hamilton, Ontario (corner of Rymal Rd.)


Red Hill Creek Centre
2255 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario (corner of Nash Rd.)

As it may take up to 8 weeks to receive a SIN number, you should apply IMMEDIATELY.

VISA STUDENTS – Student Authorizations

Visa students are required to provide photocopies of their Study Permit to Human Resources Services at the start of employment and each time such study permits are renewed.