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McMaster Staff Hiring Guidelines


Recruitment and Selection Process Checklist:

Get the PDF version of the checklist here.

1. Evaluating the Need and Preparing to Post(back to top)

  • Identify your staffing needs.
  • Determine the Employee Group and applicable collective agreement or other framework. Contact your Employee & Labour Relations Advisor for support.
  • Review the position’s Job Description and have it evaluated, if required. Contact the Total Rewards Unit for support.
  • Determine the general terms of the assignment and, based on these terms, determine the appropriate Employee/Assignment Type required. For guidance, contact your HR Advisor/Consultant.

2. Ready to Post(back to top)

  • Contact your Human Resources representative for job aids, resources and more information about posting your role in Mosaic.
  • Review best practices resources about job postings.

3. Form Selection Committee and Hiring Criteria(back to top)

  • Review best practices on forming a selection committee.
  • Establish and prepare the Selection Committee.
  • Determine the number of candidates to be interviewed.
  • Set your selection criteria and develop a resume screening tool and interview questions.
  • Review best practices for screening tools and interview questions.

4. Review and Screen Applications(back to top)

  • Review all applications using the agreed upon selection criteria. Ensure the candidate pool is diverse. Contact Human Resources for support.
  • Invite best qualified applicants for an interview. (There may be value in conducting a preliminary phone interview, especially for positions that receive a large number of applicants.)
  • Have applicants complete applicable consent forms for the collection of personal information.

5. Conduct Interviews/Assessments(back to top)

  • Conduct the interviews/testing of applicants. Contact your Employee & Labour Relations Advisor for guidance on using any testing as part of the selection process.
  • Rate candidates based on predefined selection criteria.
  • Debrief evaluation/ratings with Selection Committee.
  • Identify preferred candidate(s).
  • Collect interview and related notes.
  • Review best practices resources when setting up an interview and when conducting the interview.

6. Selection (including Background Checks/References)app cá độ bóng đá(back to top)

  • Notify the lead candidate that they are the preferred choice and that you would like to proceed with checking their employment-related references. At the same time, you may wish to discuss potential start date availability with the candidate, in the event that you do extend an offer of employment.
  • Have the preferred candidate complete the FIPPA consent form.
  • Check 2-3 references for lead candidate. Please note that, for internal candidates, prior to extending an offer of employment to the lead candidate, the Hiring Manager is required to contact the candidate’s current supervisor at McMaster University for a successful reference check.
  • Conduct any other clearances or checks required for the job (e.g., physical fitness requirements, criminal background checks). Contact app cá độ bóng đáHuman Resources for support as these checks may require a written conditional offer of employment.
  • Review best practices resources on checking references.

7. Wrapping Up(back to top)

  • Consult with Human Resources for guidance on next steps and to confirm any documentation requirements, which will vary depending on the appointment type (e.g., offer letter, salary approvals).
  • The Hiring Manager advises the candidate that they are the successful applicant and that an offer of employment will be forthcoming.
  • The Hiring Manager notifies unsuccessful interviewed applicants.
  • Keep all hiring records for a period of at least one year.
  • Review best practices resources when wrapping up.