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Job Descriptions for Unifor, Local 5555 (Unit 1) have been developed in accordance with Job Evaluation System 2009 (JE 2009).   A Job Description defines the ongoing job responsibilities, identifies the required knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the Job, and is used to determine the appropriate classification for the Job and therefore the appropriate level of pay.  Click the job description link provided to view the job descriptions and accompanying job posting documents that are available for your use.

Posting a Vacancy

When posting a position that is in Unifor, Local 5555, Unit 1, the hiring manager or designate, is required to use the appropriate job posting document. The job posting is a Word document which is populated with content from the Job Description and has three (3) fillable fields which the hiring manager should complete:

I.    Unit/Project Description – opportunity to provide a description of the department, unit or project.

II.   Assets – these are valuable attributes that are beneficial to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position. However, they are not requirements in order to be considered for the position.

III.  Additional Information – this section allows the manager to address specific knowledge, skills, and attributes which are required to be considered qualified for the position such as specific software or hardware knowledge or the use of specific equipment used in a laboratory.