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Benefits for Post-Doctoral Fellows with appointments of 12 months or more include: OHIP/UHIP (where necessary), health, dental, group life and out-of-province. 

PDF's with appointments of less than 12 months are not entitled to Extended Health benefits.

Effective March 1, 2012, the Rx05 managed drug formulary was introduced for members of McMaster University’s CUPE Local 3906, Unit 3 (Postdoctoral Fellows) and their dependent family members.  The Rx05 drug formulary requires mandatory generic substitution. Where the employee does not accept the generic drug, and purchases the brand name drug, the extended health plan will only reimburse the cost of the generic drug.

Dental Care Benefit

Effective August 27, 2009, all PDF's represented by CUPE 3906 will be eligible for dental coverage through Equitable Life. The supervisor of each PDF will contribute $25/month towards the employee's dental premiums with the remainder paid by the employee. For more details, please refer to the collective agreement here or contact Mary Ellen Campbell, CUPE Benefits Administrator at extension 24003 or email .


McMaster University's Employee & Family Assistance Program provides solution focused counselling to help employees and their families.  For more information on the services provided please click here.

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