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What is a Record of Employment (R.O.E.)?

A record of employment is used by Service Canada to determine whether an individual qualifies for Employment Insurance benefits (“EI”), the benefit rate and the duration of the employee's claim.

When will I receive my R.O.E.?

McMaster University will issue a record of employment (R.O.E) electronically to Service Canada within 5 calendar days following the pay period end date inclusive of the last day for which the employee is paid.

An employee can access their R.O.E online via "My Service Canada Account" on the Service Canada website: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/online/mysca.shtml.

Should an employee want a hard copy of their ROE, this request must be directed to the appropriate Human Resources Advisor. The HR Service Centre contact list can be found at: /be8/contacts/index.php

When is an R.O.E. produced? Do I qualify for an R.O.E.?

An R.O.E. will be issued when an employee:

  • quits his/her job
  • Is laid off or terminated
  • Has had within the last 52 weeks or since the last ROE, seven consecutive calendar days without both work and insurable earnings from the employer.

For more information please reference Service Canada: