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A Stephenville man who broke into the home of another man has been sentenced to 15 months in jail.

Dylan Rubia, 25, was convicted of four counts of breach of an undertaking, obstructing a police officer, assaulting a police officer, seven counts of theft and the break and entry into a dwelling-house in provincial court in Stephenville last week.

He was sentenced by Judge Wayne Gorman on Thursday.

The break and enter occurred in Stephenville on June 2.

As the resident of the home was opening the door to enter it at 7:20 p.m. Rubia pushed pass him and left the residence.

The man checked inside and could not determine if anything had been taken, but the residence had been ransacked. It was determined that Rubia had gained entry to the home by prying open the door with a tool designed for plugging tires.

The man called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Rubia was later located. Rubia ran when police approached him.

The RCMP was able to apprehend him, but as they attempted to subdue him he resisted and spat some of the tea bun he had been eating at them.

Rubia pleaded guilty to the charges of break and enter, obstructing a police officer and assaulting a police officer laid in connection with the incident.

The theft charges span a period from May 19-31.

Between May 19 and 22 Rubia committed three separate thefts at the Dominion in Stephenville. He stole razor blades and steaks, valued at $189.

On May 25, he stole a number of car mats and covers from the Canadian Tire in Stephenville, valued at $274.

On May 31, he stole two packages of salt meat from the Dominion and on June 5 and 6 he stole packages of teeth whitening strips.

The breaches relate to him failing to comply with a curfew.

He has been in custody since June 8.

In his decision, Gorman said he concluded the case was an appropriate one for the imposition of 15-months imprisonment, primarily because of the number of offences Rubia committed and the seriousness of the break and enter.

Rubia has a record that includes offences of break and entry, theft, breach of undertaking and obstructing a peace officer for which he was convicted in 2017. He also has a history of opioid abuse.

Rubia’s sentence was reduced by 111 days based on a credit of one and one-half days for the 74 days he’s spent in pre-sentence custody.

Upon completion of his sentence he’ll be subject to a 12-month probation order and he’ll have to submit a sample of his DNA. He also has to pay a total of $1,500 in victim fine surcharges, $509.89 in restitution to Dominion and $274 in restitution to Canadian Tire.

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