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Micah and Jonathan Sacrey have started their own 3D printing business this summer with the help of Youth Ventures.
Micah and Jonathan Sacrey have started their own 3D printing business this summer with the help of Youth Ventures. - Contributed

Would you like your photos matte, gloss or 3D? Well, Micah and Jonathan Sacrey may be the duo you are looking for!

Though the help of the Youth Ventures program, which helps young entrepreneurs aged 12-29 start and run their own businesses, they have created their own 3D printing business.

Their business “3D Portrait Prints” provides a new innovative way to cherish photos of family, pets, or even that perfect scenic shot.

You may have seen 3D Portrait Prints at various community events in the Stephenville area. They were present at the Lions Club Craft Fair July 21 and have been creating quite the buzz by asking one simple question, “Have you ever seen a lithophane before”?

Not only do they print your photos in 3D, they also print keychains, page holders, music book holders, and have also done 3D signage, as well as other business marketing materials.

Micah heard about Youth Ventures by attending a presentation in career class at Stephenville high school. From there, he and his brother Jonathan met with their Youth Ventures co-ordinator and did up a business plan and got their business rolling. 

“Our favourite part of owning our own business is it gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s always exciting to count the money that we earned after an event.”

Youth Ventures is a provincewide program to help young entrepreneurs turn their interests or hobbies into profitable, money-making ventures.

Micah and Jonathan’s advice for anyone even considering starting a business is,

“If you have a profitable idea and feel there is a demand for your product then you should do it and don’t give up. It will pay off later!”

Aside from attending community events and craft sales, 3D Portrait Prints can be reached at You can also check out their Facebook business page – 3D Portrait Prints.

For more information about Youth Ventures in the Stephenville area, please contact Bobbi-JoMauger at 643-1231, Nick White for Corner Brook area, and Justin Coish for Humber Valley/White Bay 635-3861.

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