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Cyril Brennan (left) won first place and Rich Lewis came in second at the 2018 Goose Deuce Duathlon.
Cyril Brennan (left) won first place and Rich Lewis came in second at the 2018 Goose Deuce Duathlon. - Craig Wallace

For the third year in a row, the overall winner of the Goose Deuce Duathalon held July 15 was Cyril Brennan with a combined time on one hour, 12 minutes, 17.3 seconds. Brennan narrowly beat out Rich Lewis who finished just over two minutes behind in second place with a time of one hour, 14 minutes, 31.1 seconds.

Brennan told the Labradorian the race pace was pretty fast, even though there was a head wind on the way out for the bike leg.

“Rich Lewis started off incredibly fast, I was chasing him for a while and managed to catch him on the bike leg and stay ahead of him enough that he couldn’t get me," he said.

“The course was good, two-and-a-half kilometre run out and then a two-and-a-half kilometre run back along the bike trail before getting on the highway with the bike. The traffic wasn’t too bad, lots of officials who positioned themselves strategically around the course to manage the traffic."

Lewis said that it was a good day, a little warm so he knew he needed to have a good run to have a chance of winning.

“Cyril is just so efficient on a bike, he’s a fantastic biker and about four kilometres into the bike leg he passed me with ease and from that point on it was smooth sailing for him, coming into the second run leg, I couldn’t see him and I knew at that point that he probably had a lead that was too big for me to close but it was a great race, a great day.”

Lewis said he was also heading to St. John's to compete in the Tele 10 race and his biggest race for the year is the Trapline Marathon which is being held in October.

The Goose Deuce Duathlon is jointly organized by Bike Labrador and Trapper Running Club. Jessica Dahn from Bike Labrador is one of the race organizers. This was her third year being involved in the organizing of the event.

She said they changed the date this year, bringing it forward to July, but will be trying next year to schedule it back in September or October.

“Bike Labrador is looking at scheduling a series of 15 kilometre time trial events in the fall to allow cyclists the opportunity to formalize their training in preparation for next year's Goose Deuce Duathlon.”

“The Duathlon would not be possible without the contribution of our wonderful volunteers, thanks to Alan Bock our race director, John Houlahan our race timer, our road marshals, water stop and transition zone helpers and to all of the Bike Labrador and Trappers Running Club volunteers,” said Dahn.

With the change in schedule there were only 19 entries into this year’s event, slightly fewer than last year, which could very well be a result of so many families taking the opportunity to get away for family vacations over the school summer break.


The Goose Deuce Duathalon 2018

Overall Results

1 Cyril Brennan 1:12:17.3

2 Rich Lewis 1:14:31.1

3 D.B.H. FIRE 1:18:55.3

4 The Dahnarthys 1:23:17.4

5 Birch Island Track and Field 1:24:27.9

6 Mike Berrigan 1:24:56.6

7 Chang and Jong  1:27:27.4

8 Finely Tuned 1:28:31.5

9 Andrew Snow  1:29:40.6

10 Janine Roberts  1:34:27.2

11 Katie Snow 1:37:41.0

12 Chase Our Aces 1:39:47.7

13 Jay Warford  1:42:09.5

14 Alexandre Maheux 1:43:48.0

15 Cindy Ward 1:44:27.6

16 Ruth Corbett 1:46:23.5

17 Brenda Greene 1:49:14.2

18 Two Gulls And A Buoy 1:50:29.4

19 Daryl Bracken 1:55:21.9

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