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Our Community

McMaster University values integrity, quality, inclusiveness, and teamwork in everything we do.  We strive to hire individuals who embrace these values and to ensure all employees feel welcomed and included in our shared purpose. On campus, employees get involved in the McMaster community through countless worthwhile opportunities.

Employee Volunteering at Mac

We are a community. We connect people who want to strengthen McMaster’s community together.

We are committed to creating and linking McMaster employees to meaningful volunteer opportunities which allows for personal and professional development, provides networking and collaborative opportunities across the University, mobilizes and supports community-driven change, and builds partnerships with the greater community.

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McMaster Community News

McMaster is committed to working with our community and there are many programs that have faculty, students and staff working with youth in the Hamilton area to help create pathways for students who may not otherwise see university as an option for them.

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Community Engagement @ McMaster

Community engagement (CE) at McMaster University is defined as valuing the expert knowledge and passion that members of the community (both local and global) have about their communities and issues affecting them; fostering ongoing collaboration between University and community partners on how to better understand and consider the issues identified as priorities by local and global communities; and performing research, teaching and service with community members and partners for the public good within the local or global community.

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United Way

The McMaster United Way Campaigns is the largest workplace campaign in the Hamilton-Burlington area, with a donation goal of $300,000. Donations are greatfully accepted all year toward the campaign.

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Healthy Workplace Committee

The Healthy Workplace Committee is made up of a broad cross section of dedicated and committed McMaster employees. The Group came together with the common goal of empowering employees to make positive choices for health and well-being.

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McMaster Community Poverty Initiative

The McMaster Community Poverty Initiative is the title for a group of students, faculty and staff dedicated to research, advocacy and education and action related to poverty reduction. Together with their partners in the Hamilton community, wthey strive to use knowledge for social change.

It brings people together from McMaster (faculty, staff and students) and organizations in the community who work in pursuit of a more equitable and just society. It strives to involve people who live in poverty in all facets of its work.

Its work and direction are guided by the expertise of communities and individuals knowledgeable about what it means to be poor and to live in Hamilton.

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McMaster Employee Spirit Society (M.E.S.S.)

M.E.S.S. strives to promote a strong sense of community spirit through the organization and execution of social events for employees and their families.

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Annual Children's Party

Held in December for children of McMaster Staff and Faculty

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If you have an accommodation need for a planned meeting, please e-mail to make appropriate arrangements.